New Raven Capital

Investing in small companies with extraordinary potential.

New Raven Capital is a venture capital firm based in Vancouver.
We help early-stage companies achieve high growth and build real value for the long term.


New Raven Capital provides the capital our clients need at a crucial time in their development, so they can accelerate the growth of their business.


Drawing on years of operational and investing expertise, the New Raven team takes a collaborative approach with a company's management.


We live and breathe the markets

Founded in 2015, New Raven Capital is the result of years of successful business partnerships and experience. Our managing partners have helped dozens of companies accelerate their business, providing capital and consultancy on capital markets strategy and daily operations.

Brayden R. Sutton

Managing Partner

Brayden Sutton brings an impressive track record to New Raven Capital, managing a diverse portfolio of investments through Sutton Ventures Ltd., his wholly owned merchant bank. For the past 14 years Brayden has specialized in the technology, media, health, clean energy, and resource sectors, excelling in due diligence in each respective sector. Brayden’s experience in the capital markets helps identify early-stage, high-growth opportunities, both private and public. Throughout his career he has played a major role in several restructurings, RTOs, IPOs, and M&As and has personally lead over $100 million in equity and debt financings.

Brayden served as the Executive Vice President for Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (TSXV: FIRE) from its inception and played an instrumental role in the early days of Invictus MD (TSXV: IMH), Aurora Cannabis (TSXV: ACB) and CannaRoyalty (CSE: CRZ). He is also the founder of Cannabis Health Sciences Inc. and several other digital initiatives. Brayden is currently the President and CEO of Friday Night Inc (CSE: TGIF).

Joseph R. Bleackley

Managing Partner

Joe is a capital markets professional with years of investing, business development and consultancy experience. He is the President of Bleackley Ventures Ltd., a merchant bank which also holds an investment portfolio of sector agnostic securities and provides consulting services to private and public companies. Joe entered the capital markets as a retail investor more than a decade ago and has a passion for investigative research and a natural ability to find sound companies led by proven teams at just the right time. Thanks to these skills, Joe naturally progressed into an independent equity analyst and successful investor. His work can be seen around the web on sites including and Seeking Alpha, to name a few.

Joe currently serves as Executive Vice President for Friday Night Inc. (CSE: TGIF) and has been involved in many other successful businesses including Grande West Transportation (TSXV: BUS).

Alongside his love for research and investing, Joe brings years of marketing, media and business development experience to the table, enabling him to provide New Raven partners with experienced, professional capital markets consultancy.

Business savvy

Tap our experienced team’s knowledge of merchant banking, corporate business development and financing in Canada and the United States. Our experience ranges across sectors, including health care, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, clean energy, technology, resources, and agriculture.

Capital markets advisory

We're also here to provide experienced advice on capital market activities including mergers and acquisitions, launching an initial public offering, conducting a reverse takeover and more. When you’re taking your next major financial step, we’ll help ensure you’re going in the right direction.

Marketing and public relations consultancy

New Raven’s advisory services aren’t limited to finance. We can provide informed marketing and public relations advice, based on years of finance media and marketing experience.

Network development

Relationships are crucial. We’ll make the most of our extensive networks to help you make strategic introductions to other brokers and investors.



Opportunities. Capital. Support.

We're driven to help our clients achieve success. New Raven Capital creates opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to build and develop profitable companies. We provide venture capital investments to small companies throughout Canada and the United States. We apply strict criteria to select partner businesses that have potential, but need capital for growth and expansion. Following our investment in a company, we provide strategic market advisory that pushes them to realize their potential.

What We Look For

When we invest in a company, we're in it for the long haul. That's why we do our due diligence, analyzing our prospective investments in detail. Among other things:

  • We examine a company's share structure, financials, management, history, and competition.
  • We do an industry analysis on the goods or services they provide to project how they'll perform in the marketplace.
  • We create a tailored market strategy and provide ongoing consultation and support.

Our ultimate goal? To help businesses create sustainable, long-term value.

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